8 Most Common Kohler Courage 26 Hp Engine Problems [+ Fixes]

The common problems of the Kohler Courage 26 HP engine include low power, surging, starter motor failure, no spark, and overheating. The engine can also have carburetor failure, rough running, and oil leakage issues.  

To fix Kohler Courage 26 Hp Engine Problems, here are the at-home solutions below:

  1. Clean the fuel system.
  2. Change the defective fuel pump.
  3. Replace faulty brushes and solenoids of the starter motor.
  4. Restore or change the magneto.
  5. Clean the air filter and radiator.
  6. Remove dirt from the carburetor.
  7. Replace defective ignition components.
  8. Change damaged gaskets or the oil pan.

In the below sections, we have discussed each issue and its solutions in depth. Check them out to fix common problems with the engine at home.

Let’s go through each problem, learn the reasons behind these problems, and discover fixing methods in depth.

1. Low power

The engine can not generate adequate power due to insufficient fuel supply, faulty ignition system, and compression issues.

For these reasons, you may not use the engine’s full potential. Moreover, struggling to generate power can force the engine to produce more emissions.

How to fix:

  • Clear the fuel system: Clean the engine’s fuel filter and remove debris from the carburetor. Also, check the fuel pump and confirm it is working properly.
  • Check the spark plug and ignition coil: If the spark plug is dirty, clean and reinstall it. Inspect the ignition coil as well and ensure it is working accurately.
  • Monitor the compression: If the engine’s compression seems low, it is a sign that the piston rings or the head gasket are worn. Replace the damaged one.
ignition coil
Ignition coil

2. Surging 

Surging can happen because of a vacuum fuel pump issue and a dirty fuel filter or carburetor. A faulty Ignition system and stuck or dirty throttle plate also cause the problem. 

It can make starting the engine difficult. Besides, you will also experience poor performance and more fuel consumption.

How to fix:

  • Replace the faulty fuel pump: If you find the vacuum fuel pump works no more, replace it immediately. 
  • Unclog components: Remove debris from the clogged fuel filter and carburetor so the engine can run smoothly.
  • Clean or replace ignition parts: Remove dirt from the spark plug and ignition coil and reinstall them. If they do not work, replace them.
  • Check the throttle plate: If corrosion and dirt block the plate, cleaning and removing the corrosion are crucial. Otherwise, replace the throttle plate if it is damaged.
throttle plate
throttle plate

3. Starter motor failure

Worn-out brushes, damaged armature, faulty solenoid, and corrosion can cause the starter motor failure of the Kohler Courage 26 HP engine.

It is a primary reason for the engine starting difficulty and battery drain. The motor failure can also damage the engine if not addressed and fixed.

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How to fix:

  • Replace brushes and solenoids: If the starter motor does not work due to worn brushes, replace them. Also, if the solenoid does not click, change them as well.
  • Remove corrosion from terminals and connections: Check whether those parts have any corrosion build-up. Use a specialized brush to rub out corrosion from their surfaces and check if the motor works.
  • Clean and lubricate: Remove dirt and corrosion from the motor’s internal section and lubricate it to run smoothly.

4. No spark

The engine may not spark due to a disconnected wire, faulty magneto, defective ignition system, and corroded terminals.

When this happens, the engine misfires, or you can experience difficulty in starting the engine. Running the engine with no spark can damage it.

How to fix:

  • Check the magneto: Use a magneto tester to see whether it generates enough electricity. If it works no more, replacement is the option. You can also go to a qualified technician to restore the magneto. 
  • Inspect the ignition system: Check the spark plug and ignition coil to confirm they are active. If not, replace the faulty one. Before the replacement, clean the spark plug first, as dirt can sometimes make it malfunctioning.
  • Check wires and terminals: See if any wire is disconnected or the terminal is corroded. If you notice one, reconnect the loose wire and connection. Clean the terminal using a wire brush if it is covered with corrosion.
wire and terminal
wire and terminal

5. Overheating 

Overheating is a common issue caused by a faulty cooling system, fuel starvation, clogged air filters, and overloading

It is bad for the engine’s lifespan and can damage it permanently. An overheated engine can consume more fuel. Besides, it is dangerous for carrying the risk of fire hazards. 

How to fix:

  • Clean the air filter and radiator: Remove dirt from the air filter to ensure proper airflow into the engine. Also, use a radiator cleaning brush to clean the radiator. 
  • Check the cooling components: The cooling system consists of several components. Inspect each part attentively. If you find any damaged component, replace it to prevent overheating.
  • Use fresh and sufficient oil: If fuel starvation causes overheating, add more fuel. Make sure the fuel is fresh and free from debris.
  • Take breaks and avoid overloading: Pause mowing whenever the engine reaches the overheating stage. Do not overuse it than its recommended capability.
air filter
air filter

6. Carburetor failure

Dirt, debris in fuel, and faulty components are the common reasons for the engine’s carburetor failure. 

When it occurs, you may hear a loud noise from the engine and experience a not-starting issue. Carburetor failure can also consume more fuel and cause excessive emissions.

How to fix:

  • Clean the carburetor: Use a carburetor cleaner to remove dirt and check if it works.
  • Find and replace damaged components: If cleaning does not solve the problem, the reason might be a damaged component. Find out the faulty part and replace it.
  • Change fuel: Fuels with debris can also cause carburetor failure. You should use fresh and clean fuel to see if it works.
  • Change the carburetor: An aged carburetor is prone to several technical issues. If the failure occurs frequently, replace it with a new one.

7. Rough running

Kohler Courage 26 HP engine can run rough because of carburetor problems, clogged air and fuel filters, and ignition issues. It can also happen due to the use of old fuel.

Rough running can cause engine backfire, poor performance, and excessive emissions. If not fixed, the engine can be damaged permanently.

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How to fix:

  • Clean clogged filters: Clean and unclog air and fuel filters using the recommended brushes. After cleaning, restart the engine and notice if the problem repeats.
  • Replace defective ignition components: Check the spark plug, ignition wire, and ignition coil. If any of these parts have a sign of damage, replace them. 
  • Clean the carburetor: Use a particular cleaner to clean the carburetor. If the carburetor is too old or jammed, replace it with a new one.
  • Use fresh and clean fuel: Old fuel can become gum and damage the engine’s internal components. Always use fresh and clean fuel for the best engine performance. 
fresh vs old fuel
fresh vs old fuel

8. Oil leakage

Damaged gaskets, broken oil pans, and faulty oil seals generally cause oil leakage from the engine.

The oil league is harmful to soil and water sources. It also carries the risk of fire hazards and engine damage.

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How to fix:

  • Replace damaged gaskets and seals: The problem commonly happens due to the damage to these two parts. You must replace them if they are worn. 
  • Check the oil pan: Replace it immediately if it is cracked. Also, check the oil filter and replace it if it causes the oil leakage.

Replacement of Defective Engine Components 

Kohler offers a warranty for major engine problems and manufacturing faults. You may not get warranty support for normal wear and tear issues and improper maintenance. However, you have to fix the engine to continue mowing. 

A big challenge in that case is to find original engine components. Fortunately, Kohler provides genuine spare parts for engines. You can collect your desired component from their official website and reinstall it to the engine to operate it like before. 

When do you need professional support?

If your mower has a warranty, and its engine’s issues match the warranty coverage, contact the manufacturer or the dealer. Otherwise, unauthorized repairs can violate the after-sale servicing policy. You can go to a local technician if the warranty is over. 

In most cases, simple fixes at home solve these problems. However, if any fixing requires total engine disassembling or the problem is relevant to sensitive components, avoid such activities if you have no prior experience. 

Also, you should go to technicians when you need a particular tool for such activity.

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Kohler Courage 26 Hp Engine Problems [FAQs]

Q. What type of engine is Kohler Courage 26 HP?

Kohler Courage 26 HP is an OHV vertical shaft, twin-cylinder gasoline engine with 4-stroke cycles.

Q. Is the Kohler Courage 26 HP engine noisy?

As a gasoline engine, it will produce noise, which is quite normal. However, you must check the engine if you hear uneven noise.

Q. Can this engine run on a single cylinder?

Technically, it can run on a single cylinder. But, it will put excessive pressure on the engine and damage it.

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