Kohler 7000 Series Starting Problems [Try This Easy Fixes!]

The starting issues with Kohler 7000 series engines generally occur due to low-voltage batteries, starter motor defects, and smart choke problems. Moreover, filthy spark plugs, clogged carburetors, and faulty ignition switches often cause these problems. 

To fix Kohler 7000 Series Starting Problems, replace the dead battery, remove corrosion from the starter motor, and change the smart choke actuator. Additionally, you can try cleaning or replacing the spark plug, rebuilding the carburetor, and fixing the faulty ignition switch.

Read the rest and explore the in-depth fixing for each point mentioned. Here, we have discussed the common ones you can fix yourself.

1. A weak/dead battery

dead battery

This is the most common reason for the engine’s starting problems. The battery is the primary power source to start the engine. You cannot start the engine if it is dead or weak. 

How to fix:

  • Use a multimeter to check the voltage of the engine’s battery. If the voltage is below 12V, it indicates a low-power battery that needs recharge.
  • To confirm whether the engine is okay, try jump-starting the mower. If the jump-starting works, it confirms that the battery is faulty.
  • Check if the battery’s terminals are corroded, or the power connection is loose. You must remove the corrosion using a wire brush and reconnect the loose wires.
  • If the battery has visible damage, replace it immediately. Using a damaged battery is highly dangerous for the lawn mower and operator.

Caution: Handling a lead-acid battery used in such engines is dangerous. Use a safety glass and gloves while handling the battery for physical protection. Besides, never touch its positive and negative terminals together.

2. A faulty starter motor

The starter motor has a key role in starting the engine as it turns the engine. However, the motor often becomes defective for several reasons, preventing the engine from starting.

How to fix:

starter motor
faulty starter motor
  • The starting motor can be corroded and jammed with dust. Clean the motor and remove corrosion from its internal section in such cases. Then, reinstall it and try starting the engine.
  • The motor also may not work if its brushes are worn. So, replace the damaged brushes with new ones.
  • A broken bendix gear is another reason for the starter motor’s inactivity. The bendix gear can be cracked in case of misalignment or friction with hard particles. Replacement is the only way if the component is broken. 

Caution: After fixing the motor’s issues, ensure you have installed it in the correct alignment. Besides, avoid overtightening its mounting bolts. 

3. Problem with the smart choke

A problematic smart choke is also responsible for the engine’s starting problems. This automated feature controls the air intake into the engine during starting it. Sometimes, the engine gets stuck in the choke mode and starves for air. As a result, it becomes difficult or impossible to start the engine. 

smart choke
smart choke

How to fix:

  • The smart choke commonly malfunctions due to a faulty actuator. It is a kind of lever that opens and closes the choke mechanism. If it works no more, you must install a new smart choke actuator.
  • Dust and debris can also clog the choke plate and make it unable to move. In that case, lubricate the moving parts and try starting the engine.
  • The smart choke depends on the MAF sensor that measures the amount of air to enter the engine. Clean it first and try starting the choking mechanism if it becomes defective. If cleaning does not work, it seems damaged, which you must replace.

Caution: After replacing any component from the smart choke, ensure it is correctly aligned on the choke’s plate. Wear safety gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges. 

4. Dirty spark plugs

dirty spark plug
Dirty spark plug

The spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine’s cylinders. If it becomes damaged or covered with carbon buildup, it malfunctions and fails to ignite and start the engine.

How to fix:

  • Spark plugs commonly become dirty due to carbon buildup. You can use a spark plug cleaner to remove the carbon buildup from its surface. But replacement is the only option if the spark plug is badly fouled.
  • Oil deposits are another thing that makes the spark plug dirty and inactive. If the layer constantly surrounds the spark plug, find and repair the oil leakage source first. Then, clean the spark plug, reinstall it, and see if it works.
  • Fuel fouling also wets the spark plug and prevents it from creating a spark. In such a case, cleaning or replacing the spark plug is crucial. Also, check and fix the fuel injector, air filter, and oxygen sensor to identify the reason for fuel fouling and fix it.

Caution: Disconnect the negative battery cable while disassembling the spark plug to avoid electric shock. Ensure you have reinstalled the spark plug in correct alignment after repair.

5. A clogged carburetor

The carburetor plays a crucial role in starting the engine. It mixes fuel and air in the correct portion and creates an explosive mixture. If the component is clogged, its mechanism will not work, and you cannot start the engine.

How to fix:

  • Dirt and debris are the primary things that clog the carburetor. To clean a clogged carburetor, remove it from the engine and disassemble it. After that, clean the carburetor well with a carburetor cleaner.
  • If cleaning does not work, the carburetor may need rebuilding. This process includes cleaning and replacing damaged parts to restore the carburetor’s proper function. If you have good technical knowledge, you can do it at home. Or you can get professional help for the rebuilding.
  • A replacement will be a good choice if the carburetor is too old or often causes the starting problem.

Caution: Wear safety gloves while cleaning or rebuilding the carburetor to protect your hands from sharp edges. The engine must be cool before disassembling the carburetor.

6. Faulty ignition switch

Faulty ignition switch
Faulty ignition switch

The ignition switch transmits power to the starter motor and the ignition system. When it becomes faulty, the power transmission stops, preventing the engine from starting.

How to fix:

  • If the switch’s terminal is badly corroded, use contact cleaner and a wire brush to remove corrosion.
  • Bad wiring and a loose connection in the switch are also responsible for the engine’s starting problem. In those cases, rewiring and reconnecting fixes the issue.
  • The switch can get burnt or damaged permanently. in such a situation, replace it with a new one.

Caution: While working on the ignition switch, keep the battery cable disconnected. If you lack the tools and skill of electrical wiring, go to a professional.

How to avoid Kohler 7000 Series Starting Problems?

Here are some preventive tips suggested by experts for the engine’s starting problems. 

1. Focus on regular maintenance:

Though many users neglect routine maintenance, it is crucial. Regular maintenance keeps the engine safe from various issues. To keep the engine in good condition, check the battery voltage, change the oil, and replace the oil filter routinely. Also, clean the air filter and check the spark plug regularly.

2. Do not over-crank the engine:

Over-cranking is a bad practice, which can even damage the starter motor. If the engine does not start, there is no need to hurry. Leave the engine for a few minutes to return to its default condition and try again.

3. Use high-quality fuel:

Cheap fuel reduces the operational cost. But it is damaging to the mower engine. Low-quality fuel often contains particles that enhance the engine’s internal friction and finally damage them. Always use fuel provided by reliable brands that are safe for the engine. Moreover, avoid using old fuel as its gummy texture harms the engine.

4. Store the mower in a clean place:

After a mowing session, store the lawn mower in a place free from dust and debris. Dirt can jam the engine and create those starting problems.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q. Are the hard start and no start the same for the engine? 

They are different. A hard start means the engine takes longer to start than usual. However,  no start means the engine does not start at all.

Q. Are Kohler engine’s spare parts available?

Yes, Kohler offers original parts for engines. You can contact their official website to know the details.

Q. What to do if the about fixes do not work?  

In that case, contact a professional to address and fix the starting problem.

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