Craftsman 42 Inch Mower Deck Diagram -[Explained!]

The mower deck of the Craftsman 42 inch riding mower has about 55 components, including the screws. When you want to replace some parts or rebuild the whole deck, having a good understanding of the deck diagram is crucial. From my experience of rebuilding mower decks, I will explain the Craftsman 42 inch mower deck diagram.

Spindle assembly, deck adjustment gear, blades, deck pulley, etc., are some of the crucial parts of the Craftsman 42 inch mower. You should also know about spring torsion, ball bearing, deflector chute, and other necessary components.

I will provide you with a detailed diagram and explain the role of each component. The parts will be discussed according to their numbers on the diagram so that you can identify them easily.

Let’s zoom into the nooks and crannies of the Craftsman 42 inch mower deck and see what each component does.

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Craftsman 42 Inch Mower Deck Diagram

Take a look at the Craftsman 42 inch mower deck diagram first. Then, check the corresponding numbers to find the description of each component. Remember, some components, such as spindle assembly, can have separate diagrams for a better explanation.

Craftsman 42 Inch Mower Deck Diagram (Source)

1. Spindle Assembly: The most important part of a Craftsman 42 inch mower deck is the spindle assembly. It has a long shaft along with a housing that can be installed on the mower deck with screws. The spindle assembly rotates the blades using pulleys.

2. Bracket ASM: This bracket is used to hold the sway bar. The sway bar keeps the deck stable while you use the mower.

3. Deck Shell: The deck shell is the biggest component of the mower deck. It is a large steel plate with two large holes. The spindle assembly and other components are installed on the deck shell.

4. Screw: These are the screws that hold the spindle assembly in place. Once inserting the spindle assembly from below the deck shell, these four screws are tightened to install the spindle assembly and deck belt bracket.

5 & 6. Hex Screw: Screws marked with these two numbers are hex screws. These screws are used to hold various components, such as the bracket ASM and the pivot idler bracket.

7 & 8. Screw: As these screws are similar, I am discussing them together. If you look at the diagram, they hold the Idler Pulley Kit and the CVR Belt Deck in place. These aren’t hex screws like the previous part.

9. Carriage Bolt: This large bolt is used to install the mower deck on the carriage. The carriage is the chassis below the mower deck that moves the mower.

10. Push Nut: It is used near the spindle assembly to keep the CVR belt deck pushed. This nut is generally used in conjunction with the next part.

11. Flange Lock Nut: A larger nut than the push nut is used on the push nut. It is called a flange lock nut, and you will find it on the outer side of the CVR belt deck.

12. Flange Nut: This flange nut stays directly over the deck pulley in the spindle assembly. It ensures the pressure is evenly distributed on the deck pulley.

13. Nut: It is the nut used at the top of the deck lift rod.

14. Hex Nut: This hex nut is used beneath the deck shell to create a pivotal point for the V-belt.

15. Lynch Pin: This is an important component of the mower deck. The lynch pin will hold the wheels in position.

16. Pin Cotter: A small pin cotter is used on the belt bracket to secure it. You will see two pin cotters in two brackets.

17. Deck Adjustment Gear: The movement of the deck is adjusted with the help of this gear, and it is installed on the bracket ASM.

18. Water Nozzle Adaptor: It sits at the end of the mower deck on the mower deck wash nozzle.

19. Extension Spring: It is the largest spring in the mower deck, which creates tension on the pivot idler bracket.

20. Spring COMPRS: There are two of these springs, one in each bracket ASM.

21. Deck Wheel: Two deck wheels are there to prevent lawn scalping. With these wheels, the mower can perform on uneven terrains.

22. Plastic Wheel: Plastic wheels are installed on the opposite side of deck wheels.

23. Lock Washer: It is a small washer used in the bracket ASM.

24. Washer FL: This washer is used below the lynch pin.

25. Internal Lock Washer: The washer is used beneath the hex nut for the V-belt.

26 & 27. Flat Washer: Multiple flat washers are used in the idler pulley kit and the pivot idler bracket.

28. Bell Washer: It is the washer under the nut in the deck lift rod.

30. Deck Wash Nozzle: This nozzle removes the grass clippings to keep the blade moving smoothly.

31. Shoulder Screw: It holds the plastic wheel.

32. Shoulder Spacer: It is placed under the nut in the pivot idler bracket.

33. Shoulder Bolt: This holds the deck wheels.

34. Blade: The blade spins and cuts the grass.

35. Deck Lift Rod: It is used to raise or lower the mower deck.

36. Deck Pulley: The large pulley in the spindle assembly is the deck pulley. Please refer to the separate diagram for 1.

37. Deck Release Pin: It holds the deck with the bracket ASM.

38. V-Belt: It transmits power between deck pulleys.

39. Idler Pulley Kit: This pulley kit rotates the blades.

40. Washer Thurst: It is a part of the spindle assembly and sits under the deck pulley.

41. Bracket Cable: This is the small bracket on the pivot idler bracket.

42. Spindle Shaft: The deck pulley rotates around the spindle shaft.

43. Pivot Idler Bracket: It holds the idler pulley so that the blade belt gets the necessary tension.

44. Bracket Engage Cable: It engages or disengages the pivot idler bracket.

45. Belt Guard: The metal guard prevents belts from dislodging.

46. Deck Belt Cover: This large cover protects the deck belt.

47. Deck Stop Bracket: With the help of screws(4), the bracket is installed on the deck.

48. Belt Tensioner: This keeps the V-belt in place.

49. Pin Chute Hinge: The deflector chute can open or close using this hinge.

50. Torsion Spring: It is used with the pin chute hinge.

51. Chute Bracket: It covers the pin chute hinge and torsion spring.

52. Deflector Chute: The chute deflects the cut grass.

53. Ball Bearing: It helps the spindle assembly rotate smoothly.

54 & 55. Spacer: These keep the deck pulley separate from the ball bearing.

You can check this video tutorial for a Craftsman 42 inch mower deck rebuild:


To ensure the smooth operation of your Craftsman 42 inch mower, each component on the mower deck should be installed correctly. The Craftsman 42 inch mower deck diagram can help a lot, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

I tried to provide a detailed description of what each part does and where they are located. Next time you open the mower deck of your Craftsman 42 inch mower, it will be easier for you to identify the parts and assemble them correctly during a replacement or rebuild.

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