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Garden Artistry

Secrets of Designing and Planting a Small Garden

Most gardeners long to have a colourful assortment of bulbs, herbaceous perennials, trees, shrubs, annuals, biennials, and roses in their garden yet are often at a loss when it comes to making these plants work together successfully. Helen Dillon provides the solution to such a daunting task by offering sensible tactics for establishing artistic order amid the constant threat of garden chaos.

Drawing from the challenges and triumphs she faced creating her impressive town house garden in Dublin, Dillon offers a personal, intimate, and passionate account of the pleasures of gardening in small, often difficult spaces. With an artist's eye toward color and form, combined with an avid plant collector's penchant for the rare and unusual, she outlines a wide range of possibilities for accomplished and novice gardeners alike.

Helen Dillon's delightfully opinionated and witty prose makes Garden Artistry a pleasure to read, and her expertise as a plant collector and a garden artist ensures that this beautifully illustrated book will be an indespensable garden reference.


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